Kmart has released an inclusive range of dolls with disabilities

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Kmart has received wide praise for its latest range of dolls which promote diversity and visibility for children and people of all ages with disabilities.

The range includes fashion dolls who are blind, deaf, have a bionic leg, are in a wheelchair or on crutches.

“We want all of our customers, especially our littlest ones, to be able to find products that they can truly relate to; and we’re committed to championing inclusion and diversity to make sure this happens,” John Gualtieri, Kmart Retail Director Australia & New Zealand told 7 News.

“That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our newest assortment of fashion dolls, which reflect people living with disabilities,” he says.

One mum took to Facebook to show off her son playing with one of the dolls and praised Kmart on the significant release.

“One super happy boy this afternoon! It is so important that kids with disabilities are represented in TV, books, and toys.

It’s equally important their typically developing peers have exposure to these things. It empowers kids to celebrate ability!” she wrote.

Little boy cuddling vision impaired doll
Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook

Kmart’s Retail Director John Gualtieri seconds the sentiment.

“We hope these dolls help children celebrate all of the wonderful things that make us different and unique; and that they can help remove some of the stigma around disability.”

Thousands of people took to the comments on the mum’s Facebook post to share their support. One mum admiting that the post had inspired her.

“I’m going there today to get my son the same as your little guy. He’s vision impaired as well. This is amazing,” she wrote.

“My younger sister has cerebral palsy and was so happy to finally see a barbie with a wheelchair! She even got one for my son,” another commented.

The dolls are available now for $6 online and in stores at Kmart.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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