IWSCC Newsletter – January 2022

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Our Vision for 2022 is encapsulated in the Word of the Year: Flourish.The work we’ve done in 2021 has brought us to a year of new opportunities. Now we’re ready to blossom, thrive, and stand out in the crowd!


Supplier Spotlight

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Liberty Co is a consultancy firm that aims to increase participation from the neurodiverse population in the workforce. Openly autistic founder Wanda brings 25 years of experience in the philanthropic sector, including serving as a consultant for a leading Canadian fundraising organization. At Liberty, Wanda designs solutions using the IDEA (Inclusion-Diversity-Equity-Accessibility) framework to:
  • Champion neurodiversity as a workforce asset
  • Recruit and retain neurodiverse talent
  • Build neurodiversity into an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) strategy
  • Include disability in diversity
  • Increase confidence as a disability employer
  • Expand and enhance gender equity
  • Ignite leaders to commit to improved workplace culture

Visit Brand Liberty Co’s Website


Words of Wisdom

This tip of the month is for Suppliers who want to get a jump start on 2022

The holidays are over and it’s time to get motivated! Here are a couple of great ways to flourish in 2022:

  • Regroup and reflect on the past year
  • Set measurable goals
  • Create a plan of action and set timelines / reminders to stick with it
  • Get started today & don’t miss out on the first month of the new year!


Corporate Corner

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Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), as part of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), is here to make it easier for smaller businesses to bid on federal contracts and to increase supplier diversity in federal procurement. Through our relationship with IWSCC, PAC gathers feedback on federal procurement practices and better understands barriers that IWSCC members experience. PAC and IWSCC’s shared goal is to improve participation in federal procurement of businesses owned or led by persons with disabilities.

Visit PAC’s Website


Coming Up…

Diversifying the Federal Supply Chain Summit


We’re excited to announce that the Office of Procurement Ombudsman will be hosting their 4th annual “Diversifying the Federal Supply Chain Summit” on January 26 & 27th.

There will be free, virtual, talks about government support for supplier diversity and doing business with diverse companies.

Suppliers & Corporates are welcome to attend! This is a great opportunity if you’re interested in or already doing business with the federal government.



Because of the great success we had in 2021, more Matching Events are happening in 2022! The City of Brampton is hosting our first event of the year on January 18th from 12:30 – 2:00pm.


The Corporate Collective [Events]

Corporates are coming together every quarter to share ideas and best practices for Supplier diversity. Stay tuned – date is TBD!

Corporate Monthly Training

Hosted by a Corporate, these sessions will be informal and educational. The purpose is to learn about how Suppliers can do better business with Corporates. Stay tuned for details!

In-Person Events are Coming Back!

SDAC is planning their first in-person events in Halifax & Vancouver! Corporate Members and Certified Suppliers are welcome. There will be Supplier Diversity info sessions and corporate matchmaking events. All will be hosted by SDAC organizations including CAMSC, CGLCC, WBE & IWSCC. Details coming soon!

Welcome to the team, Graham Budgeon!

He’s our new employee in Business Development and is hard at work connecting IWSCC with more Corporates, Suppliers, and Partnerships. Graham has already brought in 5 new suppliers!

Psst…There’s More!

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