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Reach: The National Forum for Disabled Entrepreneurs

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In 2024, Canada is celebrating the 31st Annual National AccessAbility Week from May 26th to June 1st. During this time our country highlights the unique qualities of persons with disabilities and the nationwide efforts to improve accessibility and inclusion for all Canadians.

This year, the IWSCC invites business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate supporters, members of government, advocates and allies to celebrate disabled-owned businesses and the entrepreneurs that succeed not in spite of, but because of their lived experiences. Please join us May 30th from 1-3pm ET for Reach: The National Forum for Disabled Entrepreneurs to promote the experiences and the successes of disabled business owners across Canada.

What is Reach?

Reach is Opportunity. The opportunity for investment, for innovation, and for inclusion. Reach is access to higher heights, to greater potential, and to new possibilities.

Reach is Understanding. To reach out is to listen, and to learn. To ask questions. To hear new voices and to gain new insights. Reach is also to teach, to share experiences, and to be heard.

Reach is Community. To connect with others. To accomplish more together than apart. An equal opportunity to grow thriving businesses and supply chains together.

When & Where?

Date:Tuesday, May 30th, 2024
Time:1:00p.m. to 3:00pm EST.
Where:Virtual, Zoom

This virtual event is free to participate in. In lieu of an admission price, please consider making a donation to REACH 2024 to support the event this year and in the future.

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