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IWSCC Newsletter – August 2021

Half-Opened Door

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

– Milton Berle

Supplier Spotlight

insighTECH Logo

Insightech is an IT consulting and hardware wholesale company based in Toronto. We assist businesses with IT staffing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations, first-in-line technical support, software optimization, mobile development, custom application development, and more.
Our mission is to help companies establish rewarding relationships with their customers through engaging solutions that deliver the best customer experience possible.

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Tip of the Month

This tip of the month is for Certified Suppliers pitching to Corporates during our Match-Made-in-Five-Minutes events.

Corporate Members in the event are ready to onboard new suppliers. Here’s your chance to present a concise, clear, and creative pitch to win new business!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Research what products/services they purchase & what their purchasing process looks like (some helpful resources include their website, recent news articles, and business owners that have already worked with them),
  2. Determine which of your top three offerings best suit that Corporate’s needs,
  3. Write out your pitch. In essence, you should be able to say something like this: “Based on your [problem/opportunity] we can help your company [name a benefit] with our [product/service]…”, and,
  4. Practice, practice, practice!

Stay tuned for registration info and best of luck to the first 15 participants!


Corporate Corner

EY Logo


As an active proponent of diversity and inclusion in the workforce, EY has made its mark as an organization that attracts Neurodiverse individuals. In November 2020, EY launched its first Canadian Neuro-Diverse Centre of Excellence (NCoE) in Toronto! This marks EY’s sixth NCoE and the first in Canada, and builds on the success of centres in Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose and Nashville.

Kelly Grier, EY’s US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner says: “We evolved our recruiting, onboarding and training processes to meet the needs of Neurodiverse individuals. The deliberate changes allowed these talented professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their technology acumen, aptitude and interest…Because of their efforts, we have made incredible headway in the areas of artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, cyber, data and emerging technology like virtual and augmented reality.”

This year, Kelly Grier, EY’s US Chair and Managing Partner sat for an interview with Anderson Cooper to discuss Recruiting for Talent on the Autism Spectrum. Click here to watch the video.

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What’s Upcoming


We are excited to announce that the questionnaire for Project VENT is complete and will be emailed in early August! Keep an eye on your inbox for the 62-question survey and please forward it to any old, new, or aspiring Veteran entrepreneurs you know!

*Please note that we have the option for individuals to answer the questionnaire by phone. Leave a message at 1-800-802-2233 and we’ll return your call.


OSME, Public Services and Procurement Canada logo. IWSCC Presents: Match Made in 5 Minutes. Box of colorful matches.



August 18th @12pm EST – with OSME-Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
September 8th @12pm EST – with TD Bank
September 22nd @12pm EST – with To Be Determined

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