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IWSCC Newsletter – April 2022

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Word of the month = enjoyment:

the state or process of taking pleasure in something. As spring rolls around, we want to take this moment to enjoy ourselves – in our work, in our relationships, and in our day-to-day activities. Join us!




Supplier Spotlight

Complex Finishes Inc. logo. Tagline, Your Property Renovations and Restoration Specialists.


Complex Finishes Inc. is a GTA-based General Contractor. Established in 2012 with a staff that boasts decades of experience in renovation and restoration, we bring a high level of knowledge and experience to all of our projects. Working alongside property managers and consulting firms, we restore, renovate, and modernize commercial interior and public spaces.

As a disabled-owned company, we appreciate and support the movement of AODA and accessibility upgrades at our clients’ properties. As a member of the IWSCC we feel continuously supported by business owners and corporations who are willing to take a progressive stance on accessibility and design inclusion for disabled individuals.

We handle every project with great care and deliver an unmatched level of transparency that has allowed us to consistently meet the demands of all manner of projects.

– Dean Hanley

Visit Complex Finishes’ Website


Corporate Corner

Royal Bank of Canada logo


RBC is committed to advancing and implementing inclusive practices across all our product design teams.

Accessibility is an important part of RBC’s digital products and services, ensuring we meet the needs of clients with disabilities. With the help of our inclusive design specialists, along with our product design system, we ensure that accessibility integrates into our digital products. RBC also collaborates with Fable, a testing platform that connects us with people who use assistive technologies, further bolstering our accessible testing capabilities.

Our distributed team approach ensures that accessibility is top-of-mind. This enables more colleagues across our digital design team to contribute and develop inclusive best practices and ideas that serve the needs of clients of all abilities.

You can learn more about RBC’s commitment to supporting clients and employees with disabilities.



Words of Wisdom

This tip of the month is for future Corporate Members.

It’s time to rethink how we make the business case for supplier diversity. It’s not about why you should do it, but why you must do it to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Be sure to read this month’s blog (released April 13) to see how three factors make supplier diversity a must for all businesses.


What’s Coming Up…


Calling all Audio Learners!

We’re launching a Podcast this month! On it we’ll talk to our corporate members, certified suppliers, and partners about stigma reduction, innovation, and opportunities for supplier diversity. Please reach out to deidreg@iwscc.ca if you’d like to be part of these conversations.

Get the Podcast Here


A Day On the Hill

In May we’ll have a ‘day on the hill’ alongside fellow certifying councils to talk to government MPs and Ministers. Following up on meetings in the past year, we plan to continue lobbying and advocating for the inclusion of diversity in government policies.


Join the Corporate Collabs

Our Corporate Collab Sessions are underway! We’re hosting casual convos between Corporate Members to share best practices on supplier diversity. Whether you’re new to SD or a seasoned vet, this is a great way to share fresh ideas!



Matchmaking Events


Here are our Match-Made-in-5-Minute Events for April:


  • Procurement Alliance Canada – April 20th 2:30-4
  • CBRE – April 20th – 12:30-2
  • Sun Life – May 11th – 12:30-2
  • City of Brampton – June 7th – 12:30-2
  • City of Toronto – June 15th – 12:30-2
  • Keep an eye out for Eventbrite emails to register.


Supplier Social


What is a Supplier Social? Come and join the IWSCC to talk about growth. Get in touch with other business owners and make connections. Talk about your business in a stress-free environment. The IWSCC certifies all kinds of businesses. Come and get to know them! Expand your network and build a stronger community. When we grow together everyone wins.

We’ll be sending out an announcement shortly for a date near the end of May.




Kudos to South Central Inc.! They were mentioned in The Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement Annual Report 2021.

“Doing business with diverse suppliers is something the City of Toronto is proud to be championing. The City’s Social Procurement Program is one of Canada’s flagship programs of its kind, improving access for diverse suppliers to their supply chain, enabling procurement spending to drive inclusive economic growth, and engaging and uplifting diverse suppliers. In 2021, South Central Inc. stood out as one supplier that notably benefited from the program. A member of the Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada, South Central Inc. gained increased access to social procurement opportunities and was awarded frequent contracts over a short period of time.” p26

View the Full Report


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