IWSCC Newsletter – November 2021

puzzle pieces

People may be said to resemble not the bricks of which a house is built, but the pieces of a picture puzzle, each differing in shape, but matching the rest, and thus bringing out the picture.

– Felix Adler

Supplier Spotlight

AccessiBrand (TM) logo. Tagline: For design-abled futures.


Becoming a member of IWSCC has allowed us opportunities that we thought would not have been possible, especially being a newer business. Having the opportunity to connect and engage with companies that value diversity has changed how we think about sales and our business. We are very proud to be members of I WSCC and encourage others who qualify to join.

– Jolene MacDonald, Founder & Advocate


Visit Accessibrand’s Website


Words of Wisdom

This tip of the month is for Certified Suppliers looking for ways to leverage their certification.

As a Certified Diverse Supplier, you have proven the versatility and adaptability of your skillset. Make the most of Certification with these tips:

  1. Spread the word about your certification by creating a press release and sharing it on social media.
  2. Add the IWSCC logo to your email signature, website & business cards.
  3. Reach out to the IWSCC Corporate Members and other corporations that accept the certification.
  4. Network, network, network! Go to panels, matchmaking events, webinars, trade shows, and other IWSCC events where you can connect with Purchasers and fellow Diverse Suppliers.
  5. Stay in touch with corporate members. Update them about the successes of your business (new clients, deals, growth, etc.) so you’ll remain at the top of their minds!

Corporate Corner

City of Toronto - logo


The City of Toronto believes that diversity is a strength, and acts on this belief through social procurement opportunities. By working closely with the Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada, the City is able to drive impact and support diversity. This fall the City awarded a contract valued at $120,000 to South Central Inc., which is certified as a disability-owned business by Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada IWSCC. Since December 2020, when they first became registered with the City of Toronto as a certified diverse supplier, they have been awarded over $870,000 in contracts.

Visit City of Toronto’s Website


What We’ve Been Up To

More Funding is on the Way!

In the Accessible Canada Act passed in 2019, the federal government is committed to developing standards that address barriers to access for people with disabilities. The IWSCC, along with its partners, will be undertaking an 18-month research project on how the procurement of goods, services, and facilities intersects with people with disabilities.


Deidre Spoke at the Respect Forum

Deidre Guy, president at IWSCC, recently spoke at the Respect Forum: “What an enjoyable time we had at the Edmonton Respect Forum Event in October! I was pleased to be able to share all of the great things that the IWSCC is doing in support of Veteran entrepreneurs with the group. Respect Canada is an excellent organization bringing together Veteran support organizations in Canada and we were very happy to play a part.”


What’s Next…

Match-Made-in-Five-Minutes Continues

This November, we are excited to continue our Match-Made-In-Five-Minutes Zoom-Meeting series. It’s a great way to network from the comfort of your home. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • City of Toronto – November 16
  • OPG – November 16
  • RBC – November 25
  • EY – November 25
  • City of Brampton – December 8

Non-certified suppliers can join as a participant or a fly on the wall. Either way, you’ll learn exactly what these corporations are looking for in a supplier!

We’re also scheduling our 2022 Matchmaking series. We hope to invite more Canadian corporations who aren’t IWSCC Corporate Members. If you’re looking to work with more Certified Diverse Suppliers, reach out!

Psst…There’s More!

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