EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women (TM) Calling women entrepreneurs with big plans

Entrepreneurship for all

Entrepreneurs: those who employ nearly half of the US workforce, who gather the resources and assume the risk of organizing and growing
a thriving business. The unstoppable pioneers who define how we live, work and play, and develop the gadgets and systems that power ideas
and economies, heal our bodies, transport us from place to place and even take us off this planet. They not only build great companies,
but also generate prosperity and enrich the communities they reach.

EY has been associated with great entrepreneurs worldwide for more than three decades. Our advocacy of the entrepreneurs among us spans
public policy, a global practice delivering business insight and guidance, and celebration of their contributions to world economies.

For questions or additional information, please contact ey.winningwomen@ey.com or a member of Canada’s EY Entrepreneurial Winning women team.

Download the full PDF version here.

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