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IWSCC Newsletter – December 2021

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When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization.

– Pat Wadors

Supplier Spotlight

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Thanks to the IWSCC certification and support, I believe that regardless of my positioning against well-established businesses, I can get the attention of buyers. This belief helped me start doing things that I would not have had the confidence to do. Thanks to that, I saw more opportunities opening up. Plus, the match-making program opened so many doors and conversations that guided me in the right direction, towards greater success for my business!
– Miki Stefanov, Founder

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Words of Wisdom

This tip of the month is for Corporate Members who want to get to know our Certified Suppliers.


How to successfully “date” certified suppliers.

When you meet a certified Diverse Supplier, think of it as a first date. Asking the important questions up front can help you decide whether the person in front of you will be a good match in the long run. The same scenario can be applied to your meetings with certified suppliers.

One of the common challenges about these meetings is losing track of the suppliers or not following up. They have a lot to offer, so don’t let a great opportunity pass you by!

Here are 5 questions to help you make the most of your next “date.”

  1. What does your ideal customer look like?
  2. Are there any special promotions or unique features that benefit our company specifically?
  3. What is your ultimate mission or goal as a supplier?
  4. How familiar are you with our business?
  5. What is your preferred approach toward communication? (e.g. email, phone calls etc.)

Coming Up…

You’re Invited!

To our virtual New Year Supplier Social. Let’s kick off 2022 with some games, conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, a celebration of our successes in 2021, and more. Stay tuned for more details!



The City of Brampton has postponed their virtual matchmaking event to January 18, 2022. Look out for event details in the New Year.


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