POSTED BY Aleksandar Poposki | Mar, 24, 2023 |
A woman leans back into a comfortable sofa. She holds a warm cup of tea with a slice of lemon.

We don’t know about you, but this season has been rough for some of us here at IWSCC. As we climb over the everyday hurdles of work life and mental health conditions, Seasonal Affective Disorder creeps in like a shadow. Holiday bills begin to add up. News media has us up in arms. The sun refuses to shine.

For many Canadians this part of the year can feel like the last obstacle between you and sunrise. With rest and reinvigoration within reach, you might feel pressured to push through. Sometimes it can be helpful to give yourself a break…a ‘Spring break’, if you will.

Let’s talk about some things you should forgive yourself for this year when times are hard and sunrise is just around the corner.


Winter Has You Feeling SAD

Canadians from coast to coast are feeling SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes called seasonal depression, is surprisingly common. It’s estimated that SAD could make up to at least 10% of cases of depression. Around 15% of Canadians will experience some form of SAD in their lifetime. For most people the “winter blues” set in when days grow shorter and temperatures get colder, but there are many cases of SAD affecting people in the summer too!

If you are feeling SAD this year, you may be exhausted, depressed, irritable, and moodier than usual. The Canadian Psychological Association recommends a balanced lifestyle, a healthy level vitamin of D, and a dose of sunlight and fresh air when you can get it. Control what you can, and don’t stress about the rest. When the weather has you down take a break and focus on you. Just because the groundhog gets scared of its own shadow, it doesn’t mean we have to be!


Uphill. Both Ways. In the Snow.

For diverse professionals the pressure can often be even greater. Your work needs to be harder, your timelines need to be faster, and your best needs to be better just to compete. It’s no secret that the deck can be stacked against you. And we get it, sometimes things just can’t wait. For entrepreneurs, advocates, and allies, the work is never over.

It can be hard to admit when work becomes overwhelming when we are reaching for the top, growing a business, or supporting a good cause. You are your own worst critic, and also your strongest ally. Give yourself a break. When the pressure is building and the tasks are piling up remember this: The work really can wait. Progress is never a smooth path. With the weight of so much on your shoulders, don’t convince yourself that Rome needs to be built today.

Often, admitting that you need rest to take care of your physical and mental health is how you set yourself up for success.


The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow.

 Here are a few tips we’ve been using to get through the end of a tough season. Remember: little things are big things, all the small things add up!

  • Reach out to support organizations to ask questions or to get some feedback. Sometimes all it takes is some perspective.
  • Support a new small business through partnership, or by including them in your supply chain.
  • Explore an alternative approach. When you hit a wall, try going over, under, around, and through!

Keep it simple. Progress can be made with small steps, not just big leaps. Forgive yourself for mistakes, for shortcomings, or for failing to meet your own expectations. Last but not least, remember that you aren’t alone. By reaching out to the IWSCC, you connect with support organizations, corporate allies, and Veteran and disabled business owners across Canada. Whether you are seeking new partnerships, business, learning opportunities, or a helping hand, the IWSCC is here for you.