Chief of Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance talks with a veteran following the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial.
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What We Love About Working With Our Veteran Suppliers

In honour of the women and men that serve or have served our country in the Canadian military, we want to highlight some of what makes these people so special. Over the years of working with our certified Veteran suppliers, we’ve come to really respect and appreciate the common traits they share.


Despite the shocking and dreadful things military personnel have seen, it doesn’t appear to dampen their sense of empathy and compassion. On the contrary, it might heighten it.


Several of our Veteran suppliers have started businesses in the mental health and risk management arenas. Still with their protector’s mindset, they often want to help others that are experiencing hardship, or use their skill set earned in service to protect against future harm.



After reviewing dozens of supplier applications, what we often see is Veteran entrepreneurs going above and beyond when it comes to training. For example, one business owner had roughly 20 certifications and licences that he earned while in the military.


Their ambition to collect new skills and further their personal and professional development is impressive. We love seeing how well trained they are across many disciplines, and believe this is one of the reasons they are such great business leaders.


Get-It-Done Attitude

When it comes to procedure, there’s nothing like military precision. All of the Veteran suppliers we work with get their paperwork done incredibly fast, with great accuracy and attention to detail. This saves our team time in following up on applications which we greatly appreciate!


Willingness to Help

Lastly, we love our Veteran suppliers’ willingness to help us and others. Aside from their businesses that support those in mental health and risk spaces, they regularly make a serious effort to  help us spread our message or provide support for fellow business owners.


This came into play when we were drumming up more responses for our Project VENT survey. Many Veterans shared this project with their network, encouraged friends and old colleagues to participate, and responded themselves. We saw this willingness to help another time, when one supplier needed help on getting a task finished, and a Veteran supplier went above and beyond to make sure it was complete to the highest standard.


Final Thoughts

We cherish our relationship with every supplier we have, and this month we’re celebrating all of the Veterans we’ve come to know. A big thank you to those who have been with us from the very beginning, and to those that are new to IWSCC. We can’t wait to get to know you better, and meet more entrepreneurs just

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