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Jolene MacDonald

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Jolene MacDonald

Accessibrand | Founder & Advocate

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Jolene is the Founder of Accessibrand™, Canada’s first accessibility focused design, marketing and communications collective that all have lived experience with disability and inclusion.

For over a decade, she has known that people with disabilities needed a different work model to be able to give their full potential to their careers. Accessibrand™ is based on Jolene’s 20+ years of knowledge in the graphic design and marketing industry, as well as her 20 years as a successful entrepreneur and award-winning designer. Top that all off with her own personal disability experience, and out comes an innovative model for a design, marketing and communications agency.

Jolene is an advocate, wife and mother of three. She has volunteered with Little People of Ontario, Rare Disease Foundation, and sits on the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee and Canadian National Accessibility Committee.

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