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Did you know the Fed Gov’t buys Landscaping, Dog Walking and Real Estate services? Join us and get your chance to ask a Supply Specialist.


About this Event

Presented by: Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada & Public Services and Procurement Canada

Thursday May 13th, 2021 at 12:30pm

Join Stéphane Champagne from The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises, Public Services and Procurement Canada, to understand how to find federal bid opportunities and related procurement information.

This seminar will help you:

• Understand the federal procurement process

• Find opportunities on

• Find additional sources of information for companies interested in selling to the federal government

Stephane’s bio:

Stéphane has 15+ years of experience working in the private sector for a consulting firm, whose primary client was the Government of Canada. He’s been on the other side of the fence. He then joined the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises to help entrepreneurs navigate the federal procurement process and hopefully land a government contract. He’s been loving it ever since!

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The Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC) is a Canadian non-profit created to support Veterans and/or people with disabilities who own businesses. We provide certification so that these businesses can be officially recognized as Diverse Suppliers and work with corporate partners to increase the inclusivity of workplaces and procurement processes.

IWSCC believes that every Canadian has a right to meaningful work; to support themselves and their families. For Veterans and/or those with disabilities, that right is more of a privilege or not recognized at all. Across Canada, they are denied employment, paid less than their peers and are less likely to hold management positions.

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