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6 Resources for Canadian Vet Entrepreneurs

As a Canadian veteran entrepreneur, you’re entering the business world with unique experiences and strengths. That means you have access to some unique resources to help you start, strengthen, and scale your business!


Military training prepares you to become a versatile entrepreneur. Even with that head start, getting access to reputable professionals and programs can be a game-changer for you and your business. We’ve compiled a list of resources that can help propel Veteran-owned businesses to new heights!



IWSCC - Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada - logo.The Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC) is a Canadian non-profit that certifies businesses 51%+ owned or controlled by Veterans or persons with disabilities. Our Suppliers are recognized as ‘Diverse’ by hundreds of organizations across Canada, and use their certification to grow their businesses. From networking events and educational programs to direct lines of communication with buyers with multi-million dollar budgets, IWSCC Certified Suppliers are accessing unique opportunities every day.


Learn more about IWSCC’s Certification Process.


Prince’s Trust

Prince’s Trust - logoThis registered charity is committed to preparing Veterans for the ever-changing business world. Their Operation Entrepreneur program helps Veterans start and grow their businesses through skills training and an emphasis on collaboration. Through partner workshops and mentoring programs, you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and get insight from industry experts. They aim to build a community that both supports and motivates every entrepreneur.


To join their network, register for Prince’s Trust workshops and other programs.


Community Futures

Community Futures Network of Canada - logo.As an economic development initiative, Community Futures operates 267 non-profit offices across Canada with the goal of assisting small businesses in rural communities. Each office delivers a range of services to entrepreneurs including loans, tools, and training events. If you’re a Veteran entrepreneur based in a rural area, their offices can provide capital and offer guidance for integrating into the community and planning for future growth.

Locate the Nearest Community Futures Office for more about this huge network.


Veteran Affairs Canada

Veteran Affairs CanadaVeteran Affairs Canada is a federal department within the Government of Canada. One of its many responsibilities is supporting the success of Veterans; they provide education and training benefits for those looking to go to college, university, training school, or to attend short-term programs (like business boot camps and workshops). Depending on the length of your service, you could receive anywhere from $42,000 to over $80,000 in funding. Additional training could give you the boost you need to fill in the blanks and set yourself apart from competitors.

Apply for Veteran Affairs Canada Services online or in person.


Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS)

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) - logoThe CFMWS delivers morale and welfare programs and services to military personnel, Veterans, transitioning Veterans, and their families and caregivers. They adapt to the changed needs of Armed Forces members and strive to help you build resilience by boosting mental, physical, social, and financial health. They offer an impressive list of programs and services including virtual employment webinars and the HERCS (Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Complete Success) Workshop. HERCS is also available online and covers small business ownership, financing options, and more.

Register for their programming and browse their services on the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) website.


Respect Canada

Respect CanadaRespect Canada is a civilian project on a mission to engage more Canadians with the experiences of Veterans and their families. Veteran entrepreneurs might be particularly interested in the Respect Forums: meetings that bring together experts from health and social services, the government, universities, etc. to raise awareness about the challenges Veterans face and share methods for supporting them. Following each event, the organizers map out the roles of participants and their contact information for everyone involved. They even set up an online communication platform to encourage collaborative approaches for Veterans and their communities.

 Browse the Respect Canada Fall 2021 Forum Dates online.


Treble Victor Group

Treble Victor GroupThis group was created by Veterans to empower their peers to achieve successful post-service careers. With membership, Veteran entrepreneurs join a network of peers with expertise and connections. Membership also includes access to career-building events with successful corporations like Starbucks, and to affiliate networks and exclusive content. Through mentorship and connectivity, you’ll have the resources to launch or grow your business. There are chapters throughout Canada, from Calgary to Toronto.

Read about success stories and apply for membership on the Treble Victor Group Membership page.


Are You Ready to Take Advantage of These Resources?

As a Canadian Veteran, your unique skill set will provide many advantages in the entrepreneurial world. Whether you’re looking for more Veteran business opportunities or mentors and peers to help you along the way, there are exceptional resources available to you!

Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or to receive more information about the incredible Canadian Veteran business community at



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