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Thank you to all of you who attended our StrikeUP conference. We couldn’t be more pleased with the connections, inspiration and support we felt from you all. Thank you!

During registration, you were of the 47% of conference attendees who indicated you would like to learn more about supplier diversity. We are thrilled to invite you to an opportunity to learn more about this on Zoom presentation Thursday April 1 at 12:00-1:00pm EST.

You, or your staff, can register for this event exclusive to StrikeUP attendees by accessing the following Eventbrite link:

Supplier diversity opens doors for Canadian businesses who have diverse ownership, to supply chains across Canada.  Diverse business owners experience barriers to success simply due to their diversity, and that has contributed to their ability to constantly innovate, be nimble, to adapt, trouble shoot and provide valuable business solutions. Many corporations in Canada are taking advantage of the opportunity to work with suppliers who have these skills.  Supply councils are in place to source and certify diverse businesses and then connect them through varying methods to corporations and governments who are specifically looking to add them to their supply chain.

Canada’s four Supply Councils link corporate Canada with women owned businesses, LGBTQ+ owned businesses, indigenous and visible minority business owners, disabled entrepreneurs and Veterans in Canada who are business owners.

Canada’s Supply Diversity Councils will all be on hand to provide StrikeUP attendees with information on how to best advance your organizations goals through supplier diversity.

The councils participating in the event include:


Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC)

CAMSC certifies those businesses that are 51% owned, managed and controlled by indigenous and minority business owners and connects them into government and corporate supply chains, nationally, internationally and globally.

In addition to certifying, developing and connecting diverse suppliers, CAMSC works with corporate and government organizations to develop and grow their supplier diversity program.


StrikeUP Direct Contact:

Katryn Persaud, Operations Analyst
416-941-0004 ext. 223


Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC)

CGLCC certifies those businesses that are 51% owned, managed and controlled by LGBT+ business owners. Its mandate is to connect LGBT+ businesses to a global network of corporations and governments with a vested interest in diverse procurement.


StrikeUP Direct Contact:

Ryan Nearing, Manager of Supplier Diversity


Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC)


IWSCC certifies businesses that are 51% owned, managed or controlled by disabled or Veteran business owners.  IWSCC is currently working on two key projects:

  1. Supplier Diversity – IWSCC certifies Canadian businesses that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled either a Veteran or a person with a disability and provides access to opportunities with private and public organizations.
  2. Inclusive Work – Improving awareness on the importance of a truly inclusive work environment, including lighting, color, signage, wayfinding etc.


StrikeUP Direct Contact:

Jennifer Magee


Woman Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE)

WBE Canada certifies Canadian women-owned businesses for corporate and government supplier diversity programs. Our certification is recognized globally.


In addition to certification, WBE Canada delivers education, training, coaching and mentoring programs that ramp up the capacity of women business owners to bid successfully on large procurement opportunities.


WBE Canada also provides tools and programs to help its corporate and government members develop and evolve supplier diversity initiatives in their organizations.


StrikeUP Direct Contact:

Michelle Bianchi






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