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Potential Meets Opportunity

We invite you to learn more about IWSCC and why it is good sense to make Diverse Suppliers a robust part of your procurement process. And why Veteran-owned and disabled-owned businesses should start the certification process today.


A Non-Profit Organization: Making A Difference

Welcome to The Inclusive Work and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC). We’re a non-profit third party certifier of Veteran and/or disabled owned businesses. The IWSCC assists these businesses through the certification process and offers ongoing educational and mentoring programs as well as unparalleled networking opportunities!!

Upon certification, suppliers will increase their business opportunities to include some of Canada’s leading brands and public-sector organizations


Aleksandar Poposki
Aces Project Development Inc.

Aleksandar Poposki

Aleksandar Poposki

It is a great experience to work with IWSCC. Being a business owner with disability for over 17 years, I have never received such exposure to high-level functions and opportunities as through IWSCC. Not only do they provide such connections, but they also give tips and advice on how to approach each opportunity and maximize every interaction.

IWSCC is an amazing organization that is sensitive to their members’ disabilities, while also expanding the network to other diverse groups.