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Kevin Leboeuf

Educated Beards | President & Co-Founder


Headshot of Kevin Leboeuf

Kevin Leboeuf, born in Montreal, Quebec joined the military at 18 and was deployed in Afghanistan at the age of 19 with TF 3-08 as a EROC operator (clearing roads and high-threat areas – searching for bombs) Kevin’s military carrier was slowed down due to being involved in an IED strike where his vehicle was blown up. After completing a 9 month tour, Kevin specialized in high-risk search which consisted of a very small specialized team of 25 guys (at the time) throughout Canada. In 2016 he was promoted to Master-Corporal and then was diagnosed with PTSD which led to a release from the CAF.

This led to growing a beard for the very first time of his life, it was itchy and dry. After bringing products home to help with these symptoms and those being rejected by his holistic nutritionist partner they decided to create their own that didn’t contain chemicals. They were also expecting at the time (currently 6 yr old Arlo). After months of research and development for effective organic beard grooming products made with the highest quality ingredients available in the world, Educated Beards was born Dec 2017.

Fast Forward to now Educated Beards manufactures and distributes its products and keeps growing daily! With over 3500 locations selling their products throughout Canada, USA, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, South Africa, Poland and are entering EU 2024. Educated Beards is becoming a globally recognized brand that sets a new standard on premium conscience grooming products that is 100% natural and organic.

Kevin also is co-founder of 9Bark media, a marketing company that specializes in online DTC and b2b sales via ads and landing pages. They optimize the whole online funnel to create and optimize online sales. 9Bark Media analyzes customer behaviour from when the prospect first sees an ad to the purchase, by doing so they are able to film and produce ads that make the prospect more engaged leading to better AOV and LTV.


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