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For Diverse Suppliers

Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada

Certification can open new doors for your business

Why IWSCC for Diverse Suppliers

In addition to certification, the IWSCC provides best practices, research and other tools to allow disabled and Veteran owned enterprises to improve their competitive positioning in the market and how to successfully bid on procurement contracts.

The IWSCC will assist disabled and Veteran owned enterprises how to best respond to the procurement needs of large private and public sector organizations.

We expect IWSCC Certified Supplier to use the research and mentorship programs as well as training and networking opportunities to increase economic growth.

Who are we:

The Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC) is a non profit certifying council that connects disabled and Veteran owned businesses with corporations, public sector, and governments that understand and appreciate the many benefits of engaging with diverse suppliers.

What we do:

The Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada certifies firms owned by either Veterans or persons with disabilities. Qualifying businesses are at least 51% owned, managed and /or controlled by one or more persons with a disability, or one or more Veterans.

IWSCC Certification applies a rigorous review process and benchmarked criteria to certify potential diverse suppliers. The intent is to ensure they meet with procurement requirements for IWSCC purchasing organizations. This will enhance the opportunity for disabled and Veteran owned businesses to competitively engage in procurement processes and ensure they are well represented in your supplier base.

The IWSCC certification program will be the de-facto standard for such procurement and sourcing programs across Canada.

Moreover, IWSCC will advocate to have disabled and Veteran-owned businesses officially recognized as diverse suppliers.

a pencil eraser removing 'dis' from disability
a pencil eraser removing 'dis' from disability

Get Certified

There’s no better time to explore new opportunities.

Getting Certified is the most important step in being recognized as a Diverse Supplier. Once certification is achieved, you’ll qualify to bid on procurement contracts that might otherwise have been unavailable to you. Certification does not mean that you’ll automatically be awarded contracts, but it may just give you the edge you need.

The process of certification is rigorous, but the integrity of our approval is invaluable to the procurement community and can lead to the growth of your business. For Veteran-owned and disabled-owned businesses, certification is well worth your time and attention to the details of the application and verification process.

Have questions? Please let us know!

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Our audit process is designed to verify 51% or more ownership, management, control and independence by a Veteran(S) or a disabled person(s). It consists of:

    1. 1. Business verification and owner ID(s) resumes
      2. Legal documentation proving Veteran status and/or disability
      3. Corporate organizational structure
      4. Operational Management
      5. Financial Statements and CCRA NOA status
      6. Site Visit

    The IWSCC Certification process is intuitively designed to make the process as simplified as possible. We have a staff member dedicated to assisting with the process.

    Once a business owner has made the decision that certification is a good fit, a certification application is completed. The completed certification application, along with required supporting documentation is then submitted to the IWSCC. The business is reviewed initially by the certification committee and then a site visit is scheduled. Once the site visit is complete, the certification committee does a final review and takes a vote. The business owner is advised of the results within five business days.

    Every measure is taken to ensure business owners understand the process and requirements for certification, to limit rejection.