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Ace’s Project Development Inc. (ACE’s) is proud to be a Diverse Supplier, certified with the IWSCC since 2018. ACE’s is majority owned and operated by Aleksandar, a person with disability and has extensive experience in the IT industry.

ACE’s services include Website Design, Website Accessibility Audits, Software Sales and Development, Project Rescue, Maintenance, IT Services, Hosting, and Office Provisioning.

ACE’s largest client so far has been City Sightseeing Toronto & Niagara. ACE’s designed and created an internal system that manages key elements of their daily operations, financial transactions, and ridership capacity. In addition, we developed their front-end ticketing application, accompanied by a rich back-end redemption system. On the IT side, ACE’s supplies their offices with a multitude of hardware and software; installed, monitored, and maintained by our team.

More recently, ACE’s provides ongoing IT Support for the IWSCC itself, maintaining their website and Social Media, as well as providing technical support to staff. Our team also provides the same services to another of IWSCC’s Diverse Suppliers, Adaptability Canada.

ACE’s has now created IWSCC’s Self-Registration for Diverse Suppliers and is currently developing an internal portal where Certified Suppliers and Corporates can connect and manage their own profiles, allowing them to foster and strengthen their relationships.

Being aware of the hardship and stigma around recognizing the professionalism of people with disabilities, ACE’s prioritizes other persons with disabilities wherever possible when sourcing additional resources.

Since becoming certified, ACE’s has had the privilege of attending networking events, has made great connections, and allowed us to secure and develop new business contracts.

For more information, please visit ACE’s website, including Testimonials and Case Studies from past projects.





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