Deidre Guy

President and Co-Founder


Deidre is the IWSCC’s fearless captain. As President and Co-Founder, Deidre leads the IWSCC through its continuous growth.

Driven by a desire to make real change for Canadian businesses, her passion for removing barriers to success for Veteran and disabled business owners is clear to anyone she meets. Deidre oversees all the IWSCC’s efforts, providing guidance and support. Always seeking opportunities for collaboration and expansion, Deidre engages Corporate Members, promotes Certified Suppliers, and connects Partner Organizations. She also spearheads the organization’s research efforts. Through community-informed studies like the foundational Project VENT, or the extensive Accessible Procurement study, Deidre positions the IWSCC as a leader in inclusive business practices targeting Veterans and the disabled. This research informs the IWSCC’s exceptional programming, and Deidre develops community awareness and education through government advocacy, public speaking, and even hosting our podcast! Deidre’s work has cemented the IWSCC as a valuable part of Canada’s diversity landscape. She continues to shape its reputation and support Veteran and disabled-owned businesses nationwide.

Deidre sits on the board of the Canadian Accessibility Network (CAN) and is a proud member of Supplier Diversity Alliance Canada (SDAC).